Hire Prices 2018






Honda PS125 automatic scooter





Yamaha YBR125 learner legal geared bike 

Honda CB125F learner legal geared bike





Honda Hornet CB600F





All bikes come with lock and top box. Helmet and gloves can be borrowed if needed (free of charge).

Deposit / Excess

- Honda PS125 /Yamaha YBR125/ Honda CB125F  £750 
- Honda Hornet CB600F £1000

  • Hire insurance only covers riding for leisure and/or commuting purposes.  Sorry, delivery and despatch are excluded.
  • Please bring your driving licence, CBT (if applicable) and ID (i.e. bank statement, utility bill) when collecting your bike. Non-UK licence holders must also show their passport
  • Non-EU licence holders pay an extra £25 to cover additional insurance costs
  • If you have a foreign licence it must clearly state that you are entitled to ride a 125cc bike (or 600cc if hiring the Hornet)
  • All parking/bus lane tickets and speeding fines are the responsibility of the hirer
  • Please note that we cannot insure you if you had any of the following endorsements in the last 5 years:  UT, DR, DD, BA, LC, CD, or if you have 3 or more current driving offences, or if you are a student under 25 years of age
  • If hiring a bike over 125cc you need to have held your licence for more than 2 years

Call us on 020 7702 9999 and tell us which bike you wish to hire, what dates you have in mind and any special requests you might have.


Sports bike hire: For list of models, hire prices and conditions please visit the website of our sister company www.superbikehire.co.uk