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History of Motorcycles

European motorcycles have been around for longer than a century. It all started with the invention of the first bicycle in 1817. The famed German inventor, Karl von Drays, designed the bicycle with wooden wheels and leather-covered tires.

It would take many years for the invention of the bicycle to gain traction, as it only started gaining widespread popularity in the late 1860s with the invention of the Velocipede. This was the first known two-wheeled contraption with a complete system of wheels, pedals and a fixed gear system that worked simultaneously to produce forward motion on two wheels.

The arrival of the motorcycle was not a far stretch from the engines being used in motor vehicles at the time. Around the same time that the bicycle saw a peak in popularity, the first motorbike designs were developed around the 1880s. Edward Butler from the UK successfully commissioned the first motorcycle in 1884.

The Butler Petrol Cycle had a three-wheeled design, with the rear wheel directly driven by a four-stroke engine. This motorbike design was initially used as a safety vehicle. Only a decade later, the Hildebrand & Wolfmüller was commercialised in 1894, and it became the first series production motorcycle in the world.

Motorcycle Shops

Visit motorcycle shops on the road when travelling alone or with a club. Use Google to find the best motorcycle shops while travelling through the country.

Servicing Motorcycles

Make sure to send a motorcycle for service before undertaking a long journey. Servicing motorcycles yourself can save you a lot of money.

Motorcycle Supplies

Equip yourself with quality motorcycle gear and supplies before hitting the road. Buy quality brands that will make your journey safe and comfortable.

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