How To Give A Motorcycle A Minor Service

If you ever wanted to learn how to give a motorcycle a minor service, you can learn how to do these simple tasks to get your ride back in peak running condition.

Clean The Chain

Modern motorcycle chains may require a little less cleaning than the traditional unsealed chains. However, if the chain gets too much grit and grime on it or when it has reached a certain mileage. You can put the bike in neutral and position it to make it easier to clean the chain with a bristle brush.

Check The Coolant

The coolant plays a crucial role in the engine’s ability to function, and without it, the mechanical components inside the engine might corrode, freeze, or cause the entire to overheat. Drain old coolant by unscrewing the drain bolt and letting it drain into a pan on the ground. Replace the bolt and use a funnel to pour new coolant into the engine.

Check The Tires

A motorcycle owner needs to maintain their tire pressure. Motorcyclists can use the air compressor (available at most fuel stations) to take care of a flat tire. If the tire is damaged or the tread on it has gone through too much wear and tear, it might be appropriate to replace the tire with a new one.

Change The Air Filter

The air filter in an engine helps to keep unwanted materials and debris from the air out of the engine. Changing the air filter may not be so complicated if you know how to get to it. If you need to remove the fuel tank or another component of the motorcycle to get to it, just remember to reinstall it.

Change The Oil

The oil needs to be changed, especially when the engine has enjoyed many long-distance trips. The owner’s manual may suggest a time for servicing the motorcycle. Remove the drain bolt and let the oil drain into a pan. When this is done, you can install a new filter, but you should remember to replace all components.

Remember to always use the owner’s manual as a guide when servicing your motorcycle. Consult a mechanic for more help if you get stuck.