Top 7 Motorcycle Brands In Europe

The European market for scooters and motorcycles is huge. Here is a detailed list of the top 7 motorcycle manufacturers in Europe today.

1. Piaggio

Piaggio currently holds the number one spot as Europe’s leading scooter manufacturer. The Italian-based company has produced world-class models, with models such as the Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto, used by millions of customers around the world. The company successfully sold more than 519,000 scooters in 2014.

2. BMW

BMW Motorrad sold a staggering 136,963 motorcycles in 2015. The German motorcycle and automobile manufacturer started off designing and manufacturing aircraft engines. The company built its first motorcycle in 1923, and it has since become one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

3. Ducati

The Ducati brand was born in the 1920s. The famed Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons began building and designing mechanical bits and pieces of a motorcycle. In the following decades, the Ducati brand began designing and manufacturing pushrod engines that could be mounted to bicycles. The company built its first motorcycle in 1950.

4. Aprilia

This Italian-born brand can trace its origins back to the Second World War. The founder, Alberto, began designing and building bicycles in the late 1940s. This would quickly lead to greater success in the decades to come. From the 1990s, the brand became well established as a leading scooter and motorcycle manufacturer.

5. Jawa Moto

JAWA motorcycles were once the most popular motorcycle manufacturer in the USA until the competition came along in the 1970s. The company continues to manufacture motorcycles on a large scale in several parts of Europe.


This Austrian-based motorcycle manufacturer became popular when they started manufacturing quality off-road motorcycles. They specialise in designing motorcycles that can handle rough terrain. KTM AG only recently appeared on the scene of the traditional street motorcycle market.

7. Husqvarna Motorcycles

Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH began manufacturing motorcycles as far back as 1903. The company is actively involved in producing a range of products and services, but it is well known for its ability to produce quality dirt bikes and enduro motorcycles.

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