Why Motorcycles Are More Affordable To Maintain Than Vehicles

Ever wondered how much money motorcyclists can save? To get a clear idea of all the costs involved with owning a motorcycle, we can look at fuel consumption, insurance, maintenance, and the average cost of a decent motorcycle.

Firstly, buying a standard motorcycle can cost around £2,000. There are obviously motorcycle brands that can be way out of this price range, but this study aims to examine the maintenance and expenses of the average motorcyclist. The average motor vehicle in the United Kingdom can cost anywhere between £12,000 and £28,000.

The average insurance cost for a motorcycle can be anything between £300 and £800 in the UK. Paying insurance on a family car might set owners back around £1,000. However, it should be noted that motorcycle accidents can be a lot more dangerous than motor vehicle accidents. The chance of writing off a motorbike is much higher than for vehicles.

Getting to a motorcycle repair shop might be a little tricky, as they are not as widely available as the traditional motor vehicle service centres. However, people that have access to a motorcycle repair shop will likely save a few hundred pounds on their annual maintenance costs.

Many motorcyclists who have learned to maintain their own rides will save a lot of money since parts are much cheaper for motorcycles than vehicles. The essential components of the motorcycle are also easier to access, which makes it easier for mechanics to fix something themselves.

Motorcycle don’t use as much fluid as it is much smaller and has fewer components than the average vehicle. The question of fuel consumption is certainly important, as the fuel prices continue to soar across the world. Fortunately, motorcyclists can save as much as two to five times more fuel than the most economical vehicle on the market.

The fact that most motorcyclists can learn to maintain basic things on their motorcycles with ease really helps them to save money, and they do not need to rely on professional mechanics with special tools to do the job. Connect with City Bike Service to learn more.